Smarter Membership System

Simplify membership management

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Advanced features that makes your life easier

  • Keep all membership lists up to date. Add, remove and edit membership files quickly. Throw away all papers, binders and Excel files!

  • To add a new member, all you need is an email address. Then you can just fill in the name, personal ID number or any other info of your choosing.

  • Select the visibility. You decide which information is to be visible by everyone, by only a certain group of people or only by administrators

  • Automatic updates. Your members are asked periodically to update their information, they review and update their details without having to login. Saving you lot's of time!

Free tool for managing memberships

MemberHippo is free and creates an effective memberregistry. You can use a powerful membership tool, perhaps the best on the market, simply by registering

Today, you can use most of our tools at no cost. All we charge is a minimal fee when you use us for automated invoicing and payments of membership fees. Read more about this under CashHippo

Build membership lists with the right features

Different clubs and associations have different member list needs. This is why we have created an open solution to allow you to design your templates the way you want and add the information or features best suited to your organisation.

Some clubs only want the members' names and email addresses while others add personal ID numbers and phone numbers. Some associations like to know the position the members have in the association, the teams they are active in and maybe also the premises they have access to.

It makes no difference. Regardless of your needs you can insert an easy-to-view list of your members in MemberHippo.

MemberHippo - Tool for managing membership lists

Membership list

Having an updated membership list is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it gives structure. It is necessary for gaining public grants and other support for the association.

Effective communication

The ability to be able to communicate with members at the right time, through the right channels and using the right information is essential for a well-run association.

Smart Tools In Four Key Areas


Running a team or association has never been easier. Let CoachHippo handle your boring administration.
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Make it easy to collect membership fees and manage finances. Designed so that anyone can be the treasurer.
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Simplify all membership administration and makes it easy for your members to update their information.

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Digitalise board duties and enable online voting. Give everyone in the organisation a vote!

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