Everyday kids stop playing sports because of the way adults are behaving

How do you know that your members are happy and are feeling well?

CoachHippo has the tools for you to start working proactively with your core values

With CoachHippo you can help make sure that your youths have a safe enviroment while participating in your community.

Don't ignore the problems - open your eyes and work proactively instead!

One in five kids are sexually abused before they turn 18 years old.
How does your community work to prevent unequal treatment, victimization and abuse?
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20% of children that participates in sports feel a strong pressure to perform from their parents, coaches or other adults.
Source: SVT Sport
How does club encourage your members to participate in sports?

more doing, a bit less talking.

There is a clear gap between policy & action plans and what is actually being done when it comes to preventing abuse within sports.

CoachHippo enables you to define measurable goals for the well-being of your sports club / organisation..

You can take control and work actively to prevent abuse and unequal treatments.

Sign up for our pre-launch list to make sure that you are one of the first to get access to our well being feature.

Now there is no excuse to not work actively to prevent abuse and unequal treatments in your club!

Sports has ignored the subject of abuse and unequal treatments in terms of actual work, not just creating policies - but not any more!

CoachHippo make it possible to get a measurable insight into the well-being of your members and by doing so enabling you to work more proactively and set clear goals that you can actually follow up!


How does the organisation feel?

On the organisation / club level you get a well-being index which represent how your members are feeling. You can follow changes over time and immediately see the effects of your preventive actions


How do each team feel?

Just like on the club level you can also see how each individual team feels. Maybe there is one that is having a lot more fun than the others?


How do you feel?

You get the unique opportunity to see how each individual is feeling. The individuals name are encrypted to strengthen the personal integrity.

How does it work?

Respond to a question

Your members respond to a question: how do you feel today? and can enter a reason if they want to.

We analyse the results

The results are analysed in real-time on the organisation, team and indiviudal level.

You create
measurable goals

The actionable reports gives you the data you need to define and execute your preventive actions and help strenghten your core values.

You and your coaches start working

Now you have all the information you need to start the practical work with the core values in you organisation.


Sports should represent happiness and a feeling of belonging!

And be free from bullying, abuse, unequal treatment and discrimination.

  • Listen to your members.
  • Set measurable goals and increase the well-being in your organisation.
  • Take control and work proactively..


How do you handle personal integrity

Only the person with the admin role has access to the survey responses and the names are encrypted.

How do the members participate?

Your members downloads the CoachHippo app (available for both Android and iPhone) and responds by choosing the appropriate smiley face. Your members can also provide a reason if they like.

How often should the members respond?

There is no right or wrong since each individual is unique, but preferable several times a week, but once a month is also ok.

How is the result analysed?

We have algorithms that analyse, calculate and compile the responses in a way that is easy to understand and work with.

Why should members respond so often?

A traditional survey is performed once a year, and then you only get a snapshot of that specific timeperiod when the survey was sent out. By meassuring several times spread out over the year you get a more true and correct picture of how it actually looks like.

Should a team coach see the results?

We do not recommend that coaches should have access to the information. Instead we propose that you select one or more individuals that is responsible for the core values work and they can present the information to coaches when needed.

How much does it cost?

The feature is part of the CoachHippo organisation package, for an updated pricing table please check out pricing page.

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