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A smarter way to collect membership fees

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Here's why you should choose CashHippo

  • CashHippo handles collection of all membership fees for you. The tool sends out invoices and reminders automatically.

  • You avoid manual processing/reconciliation of invoices and all those hours of administration.

  • Members pay through a debit/credit card or direct debit and our easy to use dashboard gives you an overview of all transactions.

  • This gives you transparent revenues and CashHippo is an excellent tool for reviewing your finances, making it easy to set your budget each year.

No Fixed Costs!

We don't want to lock you into long, expensive contracts. Instead, we charge a small fee when you choose automated invoicing and payments using CashHippo.

Deciding on where to reflect the transaction costs is entirely up to the association. You can either reflect the cost in the invoice so members pay the fees or the association can cover the cost of the fee. The third option is for the member and association to share the cost.

The fee consists of two components, a CoachHippo fee and a fee from the payment provider used for the transaction.

Friction-free payments for members

Our objective is to make paying fees as easy as possible for members.
And ultimately help ensure that the association collects its money.

  • Members can pay through debit/credit card or direct debit. Once the information has been recorded for the first time, the next payment takes only one click.

  • It is possible to divide up payments without incurring any extra administrative work for the association or the members. Everything is done automatically.

  • For the next payment the money is withdrawn automatically, giving members and the association control over the timing of the payments.

Saving time for you and your members

You spend too much time managing your team finances so do something about it. You are less than 10 minutes away from a better future!

Sign up for CoachHippo and connect to a card and direct debit processor.

Create your first invoice using our advanced invoice builder. You can create invoices for individual members or one or more of your teams with the click of a button.

Then sit back and relax, you will get automatic reconciliation and reminders. You know that member that always asks how much he owes, well with CoachHippo you have direct access to your ledgers in the mobile app so you can answer that question directly at the pitch so that you can relax when you get home instead of digging through spreadsheets.

Enable partial payments so that your members can choose an payment plan that suits them best. This way you get a much more even cash flow and your members are happy since they don't have to pay a large fee in the beginning of the season.

Your cashflow report

Our intuitive dashboard gives you a intuitive interactive cash flow analysis chart and a full overview of your finances so you can easily see how much money has been paid and also any unpaid invoices.

Instead of just giving you a list of all invoices we aggregate the information and provide you with an aggregated ledger per member and also per group, all this information is also available on the go in our mobile app

If your association or club has any fees in addition to membership dues, like the costs for competing in tournaments or travel costs, they can be handled just as easily. You collect payments using the same tool and get a clear overview of each member's account balance.

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Secure Payments


All transactions are transferred from a member via our payment solution partners - Stripe or GoCardless - to the association's bank account.


We believe in full transparency and aim for the highest security. That's why the money never reaches CoachHippo and no sensitive information is stored with us. We only create the possibility for fast, secure and easy-to-process payments.

We have built our solution on Amazon's cloud-based infrastructure, considered one of the market leaders.

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